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May I Have Your Cherry?


TITLE: May I Have your Cherry?


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine eating in an old, 50s style diner with Loki and the Avengers. All of you order milkshakes which come with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Loki asks politely if he could have your cherry, sending everyone into a fit of badly contained giggles (except for Loki, Thor, and Steve, who have no idea what was just implied)

RATING: Teen and up

NOTES/WARNINGS: I added Bucky to the mix, because if Loki is there, then to me, Bucky is too (I regret nothing). I also added the comic book canon that Hawkeye has his hearing aid.

It would definitely be remembered as one of the most hilarious moments the team had ever experienced.

Stark decided that since Steve had missed the fifties; he could experience them in other ways, such as the very popular diner a couple blocks away that specialised in that decades food and atmosphere. So in true Tony Stark style, he got you, their Public Liaison, to arrange to have it closed down for the night and available solely to the Avengers, he didn’t like to have to wait to call a waitress or to deal with other patrons annoying them, you also had to forewarn them that there were a few of the Avengers that would require substantial portion sizes. Super soldiers and Asgardian’s tended to eat more than most.

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You got him Connor, now no more ‘WHERE IS CHARLES LEE!?!’ ok!? geez..

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W h a t , because I… I… I am the monster parents tell  t h e i r  children about at night?

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screencap meme | blackwidowsredledger asked; loki + silhouettes (& profiles)

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