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Fifty Shades of Loki (One Shots) 2.The Power of Love(No Smut) - Page 1 - Wattpad →

You got him Connor, now no more ‘WHERE IS CHARLES LEE!?!’ ok!? geez..

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W h a t , because I… I… I am the monster parents tell  t h e i r  children about at night?

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screencap meme | blackwidowsredledger asked; loki + silhouettes (& profiles)

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Loki - WTF?(Tumblr) →

For my tumblr fans and Loki fans(of course :P) I edit this lovely piece of Loki smiles and foolery today (you’re welcome)


Since I want you to all be happy, here’s some dorkybatch to make your day just a little bit brighter :) 

Part 1

(gif and photo credit goes to all owners)

See part 2 here

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Two types of fans

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